* About Hello Kitty(1974)

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* Hello Kitty Profile

Name Kitty White Weight about 3 apples
DOB November the 1st Specialty Baking cookies
Type of Blood Type A Food preferred Apple pies baked by momm
Place of Birth A church in England Word she loves Friendship
Height about 5 apples Collection Small and cute things. candy, star and gold fish, etc.

The secret of Hello Kitty’s birth
Hello Kitty “who has met her 35 anniversary in 2009”
How was Hello Kitty born who has grown into an idol star throughout the world?

Hello Kitty’s mommy is Yuko Shimizu, its pioneer designer.
The commodity planned by Shimizu targeting the next summer in the autumn of 1974 was a small purse.
The material and whole shape were almost determined, and the next course was to decide how to design.
From the company (Sanrio), a white kitten with a red ribbon came across her mind also with a desire to “develop a new character...” Animals popular also to kids were the bear, dog and cat, etc…
An idea that ‘The two former animals have been already launched as fancy characters, so what about the cat I love~’ had hit upon Shimizu.
The idea all the more extended, she devised a rough sketch No. 1 with an idea ‘What about talking like humans and eating ice cream?’ After then, as it was shown to the 2nd generation designer Yonekubo Setzuko, it was Hello Kitty sitting aside, decided by Shimizu, who has listened to the advice, “This is all the more cute!”
And a small kitten with no special nomenclature produced after all was called as Hello Kitty.
Her activities afterwards were what we acknowledge as of…