• 1974

    The first Hello Kitty

    A seated pose first shown as Hello Kitty was not named yet.

  • 1975

    The family of Hello Kitty

    Our petit star, ‘Hello Kitty’ was named at this time. Daddy, mommy and her twin younger sister Mimi appeared on stage~ The White Family are always ideal.

  • 1976

    A Standing Pose Series

    A standing pose was first shown, Hello Kitty’s friends appeared more and more since this time.

  • 1977

    Hello Kitty Family

    Grandpa and grandma appeared on the stage whom she loves the most.

  • 1983

    Stripe check series

    From this time, country-style Hello Kitty design was on the mainstream~

  • 1985

    Country Series

    Adult fans suddenly increased as the American country-style design

  • 1993

    Baby Kitty Series

    Hello Kitty Baby Series where the dear Daniel first appeared, her childhood playmate

  • 1995

    Face Pattern Series

    The image of Hello Kitty has changed adult-like with her first face series.

  • 2000

    Fairy Series

    “Yr 2000 Special Series” was hot - Millennium Kitty and Fairy Kitty

  • 2004

    Pastel Series

    30th Anniversary Event for Hello Kitty all over the world

  • 2006

    Pinky Teddy Bear Series

    Hello Kitty hugging a pinky teddy bear. Designed with her familiar image and popularity UP, UP!!

  • 2008

    Silhouette Series

    A novel Hello Kitty emerged with a touch of silhouette for the first time

  • 2009

    Eye-Glass Series

    It is a Hello Kitty design with her shimmering and bling-bling glasses with impact.

  • 2010

    Alice Series

    A Hello Kitty transformed into a special Alice that seems to come from the wonderland Charmy Kitty sticking out from your pocket

  • 2011

    Union-Jack Series

    Union-Jack design on fashion was applied to her dresses and ribbons.

  • 2012


    It is a novel character born by the Hello Kitty Art Exhibition in 2011, developed in 2012, which is a super-hero fighting against the monster against the conspiracy and evil innate with human beings.

  • 2013

    Alice Kitty & Kyle Series

    This is a design which takes its motive from the musical “Hello Kitty in Wonderland” staged in Sanrio Puroland. Hello Kitty grows through various adventures together with Kyle the white rabbit.

  • 2014

    Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

    This is a design which expresses caring others with a “Thank you” and heart’s communication with a warm hug, together with friendly and affectionate Tiny Chum.

  • 2015

    Hello Kitty & Charmmy Kitty Special

    Hello Kitty and Charmmy Kitty wear tiara presented by Daniel and celebrate birthday together. Soft and lovely feeling stands out in this special design and is popular among many ladies.

  • 2016

    LOVE for Lovers

    This is the design of 2016 theme of [HELLO KITTY ACTION], [LOVE]. The feeling where couples shyly think about each other. Message from Kitty and Daniel. Let all lovers all over the world be always happy.