JacobCNE Hello Kitty Island
will be a beautiful enterprise of dream
and hope for the world with "Hello Kitty Island"

We truly welcome you customers who have visited our "Hello Kitty Island" homepage.

I am the representative director of Hello Kitty Island of JacobCNE Co., Ltd.
JacobCNE Hello Kitty Island is the largest character gallery specializing in Hello Kitty, a global character beloved by the world citizens for the last several decades, as its main character, and is an enterprise specializing in Museum & Culture, establishing and operating Hello Kitty Island, the first Hello Kitty 24/7 Gallery.

We invite you to ‘the Happiest One-day Trip in the World’ at Hello Kitty Island. It is a colorful and rich cultural space presenting the history, family, music, concert education, exhibit, 3D video hall, experiences, gallery for planned artworks, etc. of Hello Kitty, with our Brand shop where you can meet a variety of Hello Kitty goods and Hello Kitty Café where you can enjoy warm coffee and sweet deserts with our character, Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty Island is a place where you can sympathize and communicate all things aforesaid.

Hello Kitty Island is planned as a warm space presenting kids with a variety of programs where they can grow their dreams, hopes and creativities, and adults with memories. It also would be a beautiful place where you can love your family, lover and friends even more.

We wish the customers overseas as well as Koreans, who can enjoy everything of Hello Kitty, cute and lovely, can cherish their dream, hope and memory with our Hello Kitty Island. Romance and love, environment and culture co-exist here at Jeju Island, beautiful and clean.

JacobCNE Hello Kitty Island Rep. Director Kim Jong-seok